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Apply Guild Package Reward

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abYQnTc.png Guild must post an introduction here: Click Here
abYQnTc.png Every Guild Member must have an Introduction here: Click Here
abYQnTc.png Must have a Minimum of 10 Active Unique Members.
abYQnTc.png Guild Level must be 10+
abYQnTc.png Each Member must be at least non-trans level 95+

How to Apply:
abYQnTc.pngPost your application here: Click Here
abYQnTc.pngLeader: Post Character Screenshot & Alt+ G
abYQnTc.pngMembers: Comment down the names of each member + character screenshot.

Guild Package: ( For Every Member ) 
abYQnTc.png1,000 WOE Ticket ( Enough to buy BG & WOE Supplies)
abYQnTc.png1x Sunglasses [1] ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png2x Gloves [1] w/ Zerom Card ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png1x Muffler[1] w/ Raydric Card ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png1x Muffler[1] w/ Noxus Card ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png1x Buckler w/ Thara Frog Card ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png1x Buckler w/ Horn Card ( Account Bound )
abYQnTc.png1x Formal Suit[1] w/ Evil Druid Card ( Account Bound )

Guild Package: ( Bonus for the Guild Leader )
abYQnTc.png$20 Donation Credits  ( 1000x Proof of Donation Account Bound)

Once your Guild Application is ready for review please send message on our Facebook Page to clear by GM Orion.


Note: All application needs approval before claiming!

(Application requirements and packaged items may change at the Staff's discretion)

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