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    Drop rates as per FB post: - General drop: 25x - Normal card drop: 10x - MVP Drops: 5x - Disabled MVP Cards Non-Happy hour rate: Normal Drop rate: Common 25x / Healing 25x / Usable 25x / Equipment 25x / Card 10x0x Happy hour rate: Normal Drop rate: Common 20x / Healing 20x / Usable 20x / Equipment 50x / Card 20x Hindi ba dapat ganito? Common from 25x to 50x Healing 25x to 50x Usable 25x to 50x Equipment 25x to 50x Card 10x to 40x (since 400%) Saka yung drop rate ng boss card may 0.01% sa @mi yung ghostring wala naman Thanks
  2. Bakit po sir? Kailangan pa umikot para makapunta ng labyrinth, wala din naman labyrinth sa warper.
  3. No portal from prt_gld going to prt_fild01

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