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  2. We're back! And we want to show off your talents in our loading screens. Submissions must be original. We accept drawings and paintings both digital and traditional, edited screenshots, or other forms of creative media. • This event is open to all players. A forum account is needed to join. • All submissions should be original works of art by the participants. • Players may only submit up to 3 Entry. • All interested players must submit her/his entry via this thread with the following information: ---- In game Name: ---- Entry No#: • Please be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your design before submitting your entry. • Entries that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified. • Dimension Size: 1920x1080px • Resolution: 200ppi and 72ppi • File format: .jpg Artworks will be judged based on the following criteria: • Concept – 35% • Visual Impact/clarity – 35% • Uniqueness – 30% [Winner] - 1,000 Pesos in term's of Proof of Donation - Zodiac Headgear your Choice - 25pcs Premium ESB. - 10x Bubble Gum. [1st Place] - 500 Pesos in term's of Proof of Donation - 25pcs Premium ESB. - 5x Bubble Gum. [2nd Place] - 250 Pesos in term's of Proof of Donation - 15pcs Premium ESB. - 5x Bubble Gum [Consolation] - 20pcs Premium ESB. - 5x Bubble Gum Winner will be announce on July 13, 2020 Terms and Conditions The participant grants Streamside-RO non-exclusive, irrevocable rights to use the submitted artworks. All winning entries will be used by Streamside-RO as loading screens after the event. Each participant is permitted only 3 entry. Entries submitted outside of the contest period and multiple entries (including those linked to other accounts) will not be considered. All designs must be original, specifically made for this contest. Offensive, obscene, immoral, infringing, pornographic, and defamatory designs shall be disqualified. The participant assures that the design is an original work, guarantees that the submitted artwork does not infringe on the rights of third parties. Streamside-RO reserves the right to change or alter details of this event.
  3. hello this is solve already thank you.
  4. We have now implementing Channel System today. How to use Channel System: Just PM the the Channel like Messaging your friends type the #global on the PM Box and type message. all player that already join on the #global will receive your message.
  5. [Update List] please patch your patcher to get update. - Update Prontera Map to Renewal Map. - Adding Rental NPC. - Adding Loot Coins on Hourly Shop. - Refine System on XPRO and PC Version Enabled. - Gathering Reward NPC Replace. - Stylist NPC Replace.
  6. Squibbles

    Drop rates

    Drop rates as per FB post: - General drop: 25x - Normal card drop: 10x - MVP Drops: 5x - Disabled MVP Cards Non-Happy hour rate: Normal Drop rate: Common 25x / Healing 25x / Usable 25x / Equipment 25x / Card 10x0x Happy hour rate: Normal Drop rate: Common 20x / Healing 20x / Usable 20x / Equipment 50x / Card 20x Hindi ba dapat ganito? Common from 25x to 50x Healing 25x to 50x Usable 25x to 50x Equipment 25x to 50x Card 10x to 40x (since 400%) Saka yung drop rate ng boss card may 0.01% sa @mi yung ghostring wala naman Thanks
  7. PreciouS

    Casting Couch

  8. StreamSide-RO: We Are The FairyTail Guild IGN: Fear
  9. STREAMSIDE-RO NO.1 IGN: Coming SooN
  10. StreamSide-RO: We are the FAIRY TAIL GUILD IGN:SaMaEel
  11. Baygon

    Casting Couch

    start na agad wala ng drama drama Streamside-RO /no1 hi pala sa malilibog kung ka guild sa Casting Couch lalo na kay Master Kali Boss Jayfangs ign: Baygon
  12. IGN: Adie27 Edi Wow ng Guild!haha
  13. IGN: Ogieboy Ang good boy next door
  14. STREAMSIDE R.O IGN : zhai026
  15. StreamSide RO IGN : Rappid Arrow
  16. StreamSide RO IGN KingsMan
  17. Vrylos

    Casting Couch

    StreamSide-RO #1 IGN: Yuri (Guild Member)
  18. StreamSide-RO: We are the FAIRY TAIL GUILD! IGN: I M M O R T A L (Guild Member / BOSSHUNTER NA PULUBE)
  19. We Are FairyTail Guild
  20. StreamSide-RO no1. IGN: L O C K H A R T (Guild Member)
  21. Streamside-RO /no1 pampalipas oras kontra COVID hehehe ign: Hit N Run (guild member / pussy eater)
  22. Eist

    Casting Couch

    #Streamside-RO no1 ign: Eist (guild Member)
  23. Gerlyn

    Casting Couch

    #Streamside-RO no1 ign: Gerlyn (guild Member)
  24. Kirov

    Casting Couch

    #Streamside-RO no1 ign: Kirov Reporting (guild Member)
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